Why use gamification for your start-up?

4 min readOct 7, 2022

Large businesses are turning to gamification increasingly often to play their cards right. Gamification is a concept that helps you achieve a range of commercial and marketing objectives in a record time, an ideal solution for start-up founders to take advantage of gaming mechanisms in their market launch strategy!

What is the difference between a start-up and a business?

A start-up literally means a business that is “getting started” and stands out as having a strong potential for growth and development. It is also important to know that a start-up does not exist long-term because it is restricted by time. It is actually a temporary state because the main goal of a start-up is to grow into a business and expand, build a community of loyal clients and grow their team.

Start-ups are therefore defined by their criteria of innovation, experience and digitalisation. For many, the success of a start-up depends on factors including luck, location, and the relevance of their products and services at the time of their launch on the market. The goal of start-up teams is to experiment with the business model and test the market or sector by providing a new solution to a problem the user encounters in the form of a new product or service or even a new way of consumption. Whether it is a simple idea or a revolutionary concept, their goal is to innovate in order to conquer new markets around the world by transforming consumers into customers.

They generally need significant funding to get started due to their long-term development goals. In fact, the method for mobilising start-up capital is different to traditional businesses, since banks look for a minimum guarantee before granting a loan. That’s why start-ups have resorted to alternative solutions to raise funds such as venture capital, specialised in financing young businesses, business angels, investment funds or even crowdfunding.

What is the appeal of gamification?

Gamification consists of applying gaming mechanisms to an activity, campaign or even a project, which is not inherently fun, to promote engagement, investment, loyalty and public motivation.

Creating a competition and marketing platform, for example, is useful in a number of sectors: marketing, education, health, sport, etc. Gamification creates a fun and competitive environment which encourages players to explore, learn, try and succeed! Online marketing games are particularly beneficial for communication and marketing, recruitment and management.

As more and more people rely on personal and professional online social interactions via mobile apps, digital gamification is quickly becoming 0ne of the most popular and effective ways to improve consumer engagement, collect valuable data and increase online conversion rates. An unmissable opportunity for start-ups!

How can gamification be beneficial for your start-up?

How can gamification be beneficial for your start-up?

Gamifying your digital marketing efforts can do wonders for your start-up by motivating users to sign up and interact in a stimulating way. As human beings, we naturally want to be entertained! Gamification, therefore, allows start-ups to meet this need by offering consumers a new way to interact.

In fact, start-ups and large businesses alike need to communicate, and a marketing game platform or application with integrated gamification is a way to achieve your goals more quickly and effectively. Start-ups can, for example, use gamification to share teasers for product launches in their communication campaign, and once the product has launched, they can offer incentives to potential and existing customers, therefore generating more prospective clients, purchases and conversions.

Start-ups are often looking for visibility on their social media. Marketing games as well as gamification are an excellent source of traffic to capture the attention of the audience through fun and interactive gaming experiences, and therefore increase your ranking. Young businesses are also often in the trial phase, and being equipped with elements of gamification helps to multiply and regulate the different types of campaigns to see how their audience reacts. This A/B testing approach is very popular in the start-up sector and helps to build prototypes very quickly by involving the minimum resources possible, which we call a proof-of-concept start-up.

It can also be interesting for tech start-ups specialised in new technology and applications, using marketing gamification to create online engagement with clients, whether that is on their website, through an app or even in digital events.

Drimify, the gamification platform that meets all your needs

We support start-ups in all sectors, such as start-ups specialised in agribusiness, for example, by creating interactive and immersive marketing animations in supermarkets and product display shops that use gamification as a support for clients to earn all kinds of rewards, such as free samples from your brand.

In short, the secret to success for a start-up team is to use gamification regularly to create a trend with their audience and therefore generate campaign after campaign for more and more customer retention and conversion. Additionally, communicating through play is an original and fun angle to give an advantage to some start-ups, by letting them clearly stand out from their more well-established competitors.

For young businesses, the main advantage of using a SaaS gamification platform such as Drimify is using a very effective tool at an affordable price because often start-ups do not have the resources necessary to launch wide-reaching campaigns. That is why Drimify makes high-quality tools accessible at a more affordable price!

Gamification is a rapidly growing practice which offers many advantages to your start-up. Choose to collaborate with the gamification experts at Drimify and offer your start-up the best start to maximise its chance for success in your sector.




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