Why integrate marketing games into your web-to-store strategy?

Why integrate marketing games into your web-to-store strategy?

First things first, what is a web-to-store strategy?

What are the web-to-store strategy challenges?

Given the significant use of the internet in the customer journey, shop and business networks should be digitised. This ranges from a good online visibility with detailed information on the website (retail outlet opening hours, contact details, photos of the establishment etc.) to a presence on the various localisation services (especially Google Maps) through regular communication on social media and potentially paid advertising campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, for example. Remember that you can generate in-store traffic thanks to gamification.

By adapting to these new trends for an effective and appropriate web-to-store strategy, physical shops will be able to:

  • Increase their visibility online
  • Attract new clients to their sales outlet
  • Retain loyal clients
  • Generate more sales revenue

Why and how should you integrate marketing games into your web-to-store strategy?

Why and how should you integrate marketing games into your web-to-store strategy?

Creating marketing games and competitions is a simple but effective way to simplify the buyer’s journey. There are a certain number of gamification strategies and methods to introduce games to the product purchasing process.

Product recommendations

A similar idea is to create a personality test based on a popular film or TV series. For example, “Are you more Spiderman or Batman?”. Launch the test in the holiday season or when you have offers available, and promote it on social media by encouraging participants to promote the tests to increase its reach.

Loyalty programmes with rewards

That is the exact strategy Starbucks, an American multinational coffee chain, has used with its Starbucks Rewards programme in 3 steps, encouraging new customers to walk through the doors of their stores worldwide!

To get started, you have to sign up using your personal information on the Starbucks mobile app to gain access to all the programme perks. Collecting personal information on customers and users allows Starbucks to target their promotions and offer products and deals they will love. Then, head to a store to collect stars, or in other words points, every time you buy. As you gradually collect stars, you can exchange them for rewards and products sold in the café: sandwiches, desserts, drinks, etc.

This simple and effective programme also encourages customers to come back to Starbucks shops, again and again, to redeem their rewards and collect more stars continuously!

Product quizzes

You can also create quizzes to boost knowledge, change opinions or highlight certain products to boost sales. So, the customer associates your product and your business with fun, pleasure and positive emotions.

Spin the wheel for your customers

In fact, this gamification technique helps to gather personal data about your visitors in real-time. The draw of a free gift or a special discount to enjoy straight away, for example, attracts new clients to walk through the doors to your shop. It is also an effective way to instigate the first purchase!

Participatory competitions

This is a commonly used tactic because a community competition generates a lot of interactions, word of mouth, and helps build a strong and more memorable brand image. Competitions also increase your online visibility and help to retain customers.

Referral system and customer loyalty

This way, you grow your audience, generate more sales revenue and retain more customers for your brand through a circle of connections. Customer loyalty, on the other hand, can be gamified with the help of a points system as mentioned previously.

Putting gamification techniques in place can significantly improve the customer experience in your sales outlets. The customer’s journey to a shop isn’t always a rational process, but they are more likely to make a purchase if there is a clearly defined action plan with interactions and rewards. That is exactly what gamification helps to achieve by accompanying the client through a range of predefined options which almost always results in a purchase.

Transport clients from your e-commerce site to your physical sales outlets with Drimify, the gamification platform that makes creating your marketing games simple. Thanks to our team of experts, we support you through your projects and give advice on your web-to-store campaigns.



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