The power of Gamification for Works Councils

The power of Gamification for Works Council

Isn’t it said that motivation is the key to success? Thanks to gamification, we can not only motivate, but also improve global productivity and constant employee engagement significantly.

The process of connecting the professional world to gamification aims to improve collective working, learning and professional life conditions within the business in a fun, innovative and more appealing way through gamified experiences. Therefore, gamification is a substantial managerial asset for businesses, Works Councils and Human Resources.

What is a Work Council?

Trade unions, works councils, employee committees, and representative unions are just a few examples of the relatively diverse ways that employees can be represented globally. Their creation may be required in some countries depending on the size of the organisation and its workforce, and they are usually made up of an elected delegation of employees to facilitate dialogue and deal with potential issues within the organisation.

What role does the Work Council play in a business?

The main goals of a Work Council are to preserve the rights and interests of employees, take action for their well-being in the performance of their professional duties and to guarantee collective expression in the business. Work councils, therefore, take on a dual role. These representative bodies speak on behalf of their members when it comes to economic and social standards, such as collective bargaining over employee benefits, complaints, working conditions, and wages, but also in the management of daily life within the business.

Employees may benefit from other advantages as well, through the intermediary of Works Councils as part of social and cultural activities management, created for the benefit of employees and their families. These advantages are a guarantee for satisfaction and employee loyalty by increasing their buying power, making the business attractive by drawing in new talents and making it possible to manage a network of partners.

Training employees through gamification

Training employees through gamification

Depending on the country of operation and the representative bodies, members of Works Councils may have an obligation to complete training to understand their functionality and goals. Designed so that staff representatives acquire the necessary knowledge on their duties and therefore guarantee optimal functionality of the Work Council, especially concerning economic and financial questions.

Offering participants a fun and gamified approach through a Serious Game, therefore, gives participants the chance to become actors in their training and facilitates the learning of new knowledge, because play gives them the right to make mistakes. Using elements of play and this type of educational tool in training helps to stimulate engagement, involvement and motivation for different participants with various themes presented.

Set up and used properly, Serious Games are an ideal way to completely immerse someone in their training and ensure that they retain as much information as possible.

How can gamification be used by Works Councils?

First of all, be innovative by using gamification in the workplace to engage and motivate all of your teams on a daily basis. Adding gaming experiences to daily activities with the chance of rewards contributes towards making tasks more lucrative and improves individual and collective employee well-being at work. This also allows you to capture the attention of employees, make them more productive and encourage them to give it their all day after day in a recreational atmosphere.

Employee engagement and productivity is supercharged thanks to the introduction of a positive and amicable competitive spirit amongst colleagues. The gamification of competition can be done by creating a points leaderboard and progress bar for goals to be achieved that is available for everyone to see, for example. These elements also influence employees on a psychological level, encouraging them to better themselves for the good of the company thanks to collective commitment and engagement.

Organising gamified company events such as team building or a seminar also allows you to jumpstart your Work Council and strengthen your teams by creating social connections between elected members, employees and the employer. To further liven up the event and reward your employees, you can organise instant-winner competitions or even interactive quizzes with prizes to give to the winners.

All these rewards can be symbolic, such as badges and titles, or more tangible, such as gift vouchers, prize cheques or promotional offers that can be in-store or online discounts from product retailers and partner companies.

Expert advice!

  • To show the Work Council’s commitment to employees, make sure you link each activity, competition and event on offer in your company with the highlights of the marketing calendar. This can give you quick and simple ideas to set up throughout the year.

Make the most of over 10 years of experience in creating fun games and experiences for businesses to develop made-to-measure projects to support your Work Council. Try our demos and do not hesitate to get in touch with our team to take advantage of Drimify’s advice and expertise.



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