How do you secure client loyalty using interactive marketing?

Three words: interactive marketing and gamification!

Furthermore, thanks to the development of new technologies, we are seeing that more and more consumers want and are waiting for personalised and innovative marketing and communication strategies.

That’s where gamification comes into play…

In a few words, what is interactive marketing?

In addition, this type of marketing allows companies to obtain qualitative information on their clients that they can use to make more suitable, successful decisions.

According to Jean-Marc Lehu, business marketing consultant and author of the book Interactive marketing: the new strategic approach consumer approach:

“Today, effective and profitable marketing is inevitably interactive marketing”.

What is more, concerning interactive marketing success stories, we can quote one of the most economically and culturally influential websites in the world: Amazon.

Samsung Smartphone with Amazon website homepage receives data and information from its users every day with the aim of always providing suitable suggestions and content. If you are an Amazon user, you have without a doubt seen during your browsing:

“Highly rated similar products” or even “Amazon’s Choice” products. These endorsements are based mainly on the opinions of buyers and allow each client to easily make comparisons online. Nowadays, they represent a vital quality gauge for users on the site.

As a result, the web giant Amazon is a role model in terms of interactive marketing, since it succeeds with flying colours in using this process to the benefit of its sales and client satisfaction.

Gamification in terms of interactive marketing

A man and woman smile while playing games on mobile

When a person plays, they are first caught in a positive feedback loop where the more they play, the happier they feel. This feeling of happiness gives the impression of having accomplished something. At the same time, the reward circuit is activated and begins to release dopamine; a chemical messenger linked to pleasure. And the brain wants more of it!

Therefore, if competitions and marketing games are highly successful with customers, that’s because they are based on 5 precise psychological motivators.

That is why, if you develop content that promotes accomplishment, you are sure to acquire long-term customers and create a strong connection with them!

All kinds of content and tasks can be gamified, so let your creativity flow!

We have also seen that offering monetary, material or fictitious prizes in games is a unique way for a business to interest consumers in their content and encourage them to explore your world.

But that’s not all. The more someone plays, the more they develop a goal and motivation.

This isn’t a new concept, everyone is looking for a purpose in life! And as crazy as it may seem, a simple marketing game to discover new products and services on a website can boost buyer interactivity and, above all, give them the motivation they have been needing for a long time!

It all rests on a simple principle: the more entertaining an activity becomes, the more invested and motivated the participants become.

Therefore, if your company makes an activity, whatever it may be, more fun and engaging by making participants feel that they have a goal, it will become a sure-fire way to increase customer loyalty.

Gamification linked to interactive marketing, a launch pad for companies!

By creating a game where the client has the freedom to choose and explore a new virtual world, you radically change their buying behaviour and you will stand out from the crowd.

In a world that can no longer cope without games, gamification is THE innovative concept that will soon be essential to every business.

The flagship asset of interactive marketing offers numerous advantages to your clients: entertainment, interaction, positive emotions, accomplishment, autonomy and much more. It will be the building blocks to your marketing structure and communication strategy and will allow you to put yourself at the heart of customer desires!

What you should take away from this article is that gamification is a vital element in the planning of an interactive experience that is modern and trendy.

So, are you always looking for a way to secure your customers’ loyalty? The gamification experts at Drimify can help you add a fun, interactive and engaging dimension to your digital projects!



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