Marketing automation: Why you should integrate games and gamification into your strategy to generate leads?

Integrate games and gamification into your marketing automation strategy to generate leads

Definition: What is marketing automation?

Why are marketing automation and gamification complementary to each other?

Create dynamic contact lists

Integrate gamification into your email marketing strategy

Integrating gamification into your email marketing strategy
  1. A welcome email to new subscribers. This message serves to strengthen your value proposition, but also shows your contacts what they can expect from you. For example, to capture their attention, you could offer them a scratch card game to win a promotional code to use on their first purchase.
  2. Subscription to your newsletter. A simple scenario that should resonate with the majority of your audience, through which you can promote your offers and your loyalty program.
  3. Offer a promotion for birthdays. If you have gathered your client’s date of birth, you can easily send them an automatic email on their birthday with a scratch card game rewarding loyal clients and potentially generating sales.
  4. Relaunch abandoned shopping carts. Send an email reminding customers to resume shopping that will catch their attention by highlighting an exclusive instant winner game to try and win a gift or promo code after having placed their order within a set time.



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