Marketing automation: Why you should integrate games and gamification into your strategy to generate leads?

Integrate games and gamification into your marketing automation strategy to generate leads

Thanks to gamification, you can increase your lead generation, conversion rates and client retention. But why integrate games and gamification into your marketing automation strategy? Simply because it is a powerful tool to create engagement.

When we look at the common challenges that businesses face, we know that generating prospective leads and maintaining client engagement throughout their shopping journey remains at the top of the priority list. Alongside these objectives, businesses face an explosion of collected data, but struggle to make them profitable. The combination of automation marketing with gamification can help to overcome these issues by using data and games to the benefit of the client as well as your company.

Definition: What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation, in a general sense, means the automation of repetitive marketing and workflow tasks that can be triggered by a range of predefined conditions depending on the user’s behaviour. You can automate various steps such as lead nurturing, lead scoring, landing page automation and prospective client management in the sales funnel. This can be use of the most up-to-date marketing automation for marketing campaigns and emailing, texts, content publication on social media or even breaking down contact into stages.

In its most developed form, marketing automation is a combination of logistics, strategies and a client-centric approach. It allows you to take care of leads and prospective clients with highly personalised, useful content which helps to convert them into delighted and loyal clients.

Why are marketing automation and gamification complementary to each other?

Marketing automation works with all types of audience and for all activity sectors, from retail trade to manufacturing and health to education. From B2B to B2C, whether you are a startup looking to expand its reach or an established business trying to increase its revenue, automation and marketing games can help you.

Marketing automation allows you to qualify the data that is important for your company and let you broaden your knowledge of your clientele. It is also a valuable tool for businesses to prioritise tasks and manage leads so that incoming questions receive a quick response. The data is collected, stored in your CRM and used to create more relevant content and help for customers who benefit from the same experience, no matter which channel they contact you through.

Additionally, all marketing departments that are looking to generate more leads, to increase the number and lifespan of their clients in an efficient and original way, significantly increase their performance thanks to gamification. The big question is knowing what should be automated in your strategy and how to automise it while cleverly integrating the games.

Create dynamic contact lists

Thanks to the creation, segmentation and management of your contact lists, you can significantly improve engagement generated by your marketing campaigns. Organise the contacts so that each client action is saved as another data point and assign them to lists according to their habits to make the implementation of your marketing game programme more efficient and relevant.

As soon as they open your website, invite your visitors to complete a product recommendation quiz or personality test to guide them through their purchase, better determine their needs and therefore suggest the right product or service. By creating dynamic lists, you can send more relevant content and create better engagement.

Integrate gamification into your email marketing strategy

Integrating gamification into your email marketing strategy

You should plan automated and personalised emails that will send more and more precise content in your lead conversion funnel. By triggering the delivery of emails based on specific actions, marketing automation allows you to individually address each of your contacts who have already expressed their interest or at the point that they are most receptive to improve the likelihood of converting them into buyers.

The goal is to interest your leads sufficiently that they want to know more about your activities by clicking on links integrated into the emails themselves and eventually converting them into genuine clients. It is at that point that the gaming mechanisms come into play. Adding an element of play by inserting games as a supplementary element at the centre of a predefined scenario is an excellent way to ensure long term subscriber engagement. You can set up an entire gamified emailing programme which will be sent at different stages of the purchasing process and customer experience:

  1. A welcome email to new subscribers. This message serves to strengthen your value proposition, but also shows your contacts what they can expect from you. For example, to capture their attention, you could offer them a scratch card game to win a promotional code to use on their first purchase.
  2. Subscription to your newsletter. A simple scenario that should resonate with the majority of your audience, through which you can promote your offers and your loyalty program.
  3. Offer a promotion for birthdays. If you have gathered your client’s date of birth, you can easily send them an automatic email on their birthday with a scratch card game rewarding loyal clients and potentially generating sales.
  4. Relaunch abandoned shopping carts. Send an email reminding customers to resume shopping that will catch their attention by highlighting an exclusive instant winner game to try and win a gift or promo code after having placed their order within a set time.

Develop and boost your marketing automation strategy through games and call upon gamification experts to help you with your project. We love supporting small and large businesses in their development projects and advertising campaigns all year long.

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