Make your product launch a success with gamification

Launching a product is a company’s planned and coordinated effort to launch a new product on the market. It’s a project that achieves a number of objectives and giving clients the chance to buy the new product is just one of them. In particular, it lets a company develop its various strategies, gather feedback and key information from users and build its reputation in the sector.

Our 5 essential pieces of advice to successfully create, launch and sell a product are:

  1. Create a made-to-measure, adapted project

It is all about a crucial main event that will determine the success of your new product and impact your company’s reputation. So why not give your product launch an extra helping hand using gamification to stand out from your competitors? Gaming mechanisms drive engagement, they will present all types of products in an informative, efficient manner and really add value to your project.

1. Create a made-to-measure, adapted project

When you launch a new product on the market, its goal is to meet a specific need and ask the right questions to achieve that. It is therefore essential that you begin by defining your target customer, also called a ‘persona’ — in other words, a typical customer or buyer profile. Determining your personas is essential for developing your project and allowing you to understand your client’s needs. These profiles will be crucial at each stage of the journey.

They will help you to tailor your content, the nature of marketing games to use, how to communicate with your audience, the channels to tap into and so much more. You should ask yourself what kind of customers you want to attract and create several profiles which will steer your campaigns and marketing operations to suit your product launch plan. Putting yourself in your client’s shoes will help you to determine their needs and also develop a marketing strategy that is adapted to them. This first step will allow you to choose the degree of gamification necessary and suitable marketing games to present your product.

2. Create engaging content and games

Person at their desk, happy to have won a game

The launch period is ideal for creating new exclusive and original content and you must make sure to prioritise their quality. Promotional games and videos or even blog posts will help you capture your audience’s interest before you have even launched your product. Sharing videos showing how to use the product or immersing consumers in behind-the-scenes pre-launch action is a great way to engage your audience. It can potentially create buzz and draw attention to your brand; videos can quickly and easily go viral.

Your goal is to create engagement and get your audience interested and you can do this by posting varied, exclusive content to maintain a close relationship with your community. The idea is to guide your consumer through the excitement of your product launch and make them want to buy it.

3. Launch an enticing competition

The nature of games makes them the perfect tool to support and boost the visibility of brands, especially when it is combined with an enticing rewards system. Competitions are particularly effective for product launches because they are very popular among consumers, who do not hesitate to take part and promote the sharing of your launch. They allow you to increase your brand’s visibility and draw in new prospective clients at the same time.

Competition can take many forms, such as a quiz, photo competition or even an instant winner game to win a promo code. Interactive quizzes are a very good example of an enticing and informative game which not only makes people want to play but also informs potential buyers about your new products. But, what is the point of playing? To win! Consumers will be more willing to participate if there are prizes and gifts at stake. Be creative and use your imagination to stand out from your competitors because it is also a good way to create a buzz and generate excitement about your new product and its launch.

4. Advertise your product launch

Promoting on the internet and all media

Advertising strengthens brand image and the reputation of a product if it is done well. Define the added value of your products and showcase it on your various media outlets to promote your launch. However, make sure to choose the outlets most commonly used by your target audience in order to reach as many potential customers as possible and adapt the format to suit each platform’s specificities.

Social media is an absolutely essential platform that you must take advantage of to promote your product launch. If you haven’t already done so, create profiles on all the different social media platforms and be active, posting content regularly. A gamified programme will be even easier to share on social media. By offering a competition you are increasing the likelihood of retaining previous clients, securing their loyalty and drawing in new clients.

Expert advice!

  • Form a partnership with influencers. They are online figures with very important communities and they have a great deal of influence. Choose people who share the values of your company and have a genuine interest in your products and world. With their help, you will reach an infinitely larger audience and can expect to attract a large number of buyers to your deal.

5. Create a special event game for launch day

Organise an event that will stick in the minds of both potential buyers and your already loyal customers thanks to gamification. If you are planning an online launch, there is nothing stopping you from also setting up a physical event to run alongside it to draw in a whole new audience. This event will be a bridge between the digital world and the real world by not only generating traffic on your website and social media accounts but also in your physical sales outlets.

Event games help you to make the in-person customer experience more enticing and fun. Between street marketing, games to win promotional codes and gifts to collect in person, there are so many options available to you to reach your clients and prospective clients at every stage in your product launch and purchasing journey.

It is a real asset to improve visibility and interest on your launch day. The game programme that will come to define the launch event must respect 3 important criteria: be in keeping with the product’s image, your brand and its values. To maintain continuity in your communications, why not invite the influencers you have worked with to take part. They can interact with your game programme and the participants, which will add a huge amount of value by attracting an even bigger audience.

Offer fun and interactive experiences to meet even the highest of expectations. Take advantage of the Drimify team’s 10+ years of experience to develop a made-to-measure gamification project for your product launches. Contact us to find out more about your game options or to chat with the Drimify team about your project!

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