Here is why you should use Gamification to help your employer branding with recruitment

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Definition: What is employer brand?

How does gamification make a company’s reputation shine?

Play is universal, everyone likes to play

Showcase your business and its values

Expert advice!

  • Don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine! Create a truly educational experience for your human resources with a Drimify Dynamic Path™. Tell the story of your business, the main steps of its creation and its values through various steps by creating different games organised by values or themes.
  • Set up a recruitment campaign with an entire programme made up of numerous fun, accessible games. Creating themed mini-games to win prizes and learn about the company’s work is a great way to build strong engagement and proper interaction with your content.
  • Promote your job offers on all channels of communication: to boost your recruitment campaign’s visibility, it is in your best interests that as many candidates as possible know about it. Your company must be present and active on all online communication channels, via websites, business pages and social media. Promoting the games on various media formats helps to rapidly expand the reach of your campaign.

Reach your recruitment goals

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  • Combat physical and psychological prejudices: candidates don’t meet recruiters in person and are not in a work environment.
  • Expand the sense of fairness: the process is the same for everyone and the final outcome is based on objective skill and qualification criteria. The result of the game is not a final decision in itself, the route chosen by candidates to achieve the goal is just as important.
  • Gather key information: creating a game with profiles and a ranking table allows you to collect very important data. By observing the choices and behaviour of a potential candidate, you gain more information on their work ethic and personal profile. These can then be analysed by your recruiters for the recruitment process.

Learn about good practices

Retain your top talents

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