Gamification, the key to creating an innovative loyalty programme

A saleswoman and a customer paying for the service with her loyalty card

1. Establish clear objectives and know your clients

An expert’s advice!

  • If you are targeting existing clients, opt for a loyalty programme that is only accessible when they have logged into their online or mobile customer account. This encourages them to sign into your platform and potentially leads to purchases.
  • If you are targeting a wider group, then you can ensure there is a simplified version of the game available to the general public which will invite them to sign in to their customer account (or create one!) to access the full experience and potentially win gifts or better rewards. In this way you can fulfil your acquisition and, most importantly, conversion objectives!

2. Develop a programme with numerous reward games for your clients

3. Create a format suitable for mobiles and other devices

A man wearing a watch is on his mobile phone

4. Use social media to share your idea and your game

5. Display and keep track of progress

6. Collect and analyse the data

Collect data from your loyalty programme from your laptop

7. Save one final surprise for last

Drimify, the gamification platform to create loyalty prgrammes games



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