Engage B2B clients with gamification and marketing games

Engage B2B clients with gamification and marketing games

Very widespread in the world of B2C, gamification entails using interactive techniques and game mechanisms to create engagement, to ensure that the user feels valued and to potentially lead them to the end of the purchasing process. These elements of interaction and pleasure can create more positive and memorable experiences, encouraging the public to interact with a range of content. It should also be noted that thanks to gamification, you can convert a consumer into a player, then a winner and finally a loyal customer in record time.

So, gamification and marketing games are applicable in all sectors, to all demographics and can address all types of target audience and customer personas. For example, there are games for pharmaceutical companies targetting women over 55 years old and Google games targetting infants and school students. But what about for B2B businesses?

It is also a tactic that is becoming increasingly popular in inter-business marketing, which helps engage B2B clients and pique their interest, therefore drawing in new prospective customers. Marketing games can be applied to all types of businesses, whether they are B2C or B2B businesses.

Furthermore, B2B businesses represent 10 to 20% of marketing game development, but this figure is expected to increase significantly. In fact, B2B marketing games are one of the fastest segments of growth.

The interest of gamification for B2B Marketing

In the collective imagination, B2B marketing is often perceived as boring and repetitive, not being primarily intended for the general public. From a marketer’s perspective, many of them see B2B marketing as being more elaborate and complex than its B2C counterpart.

They mention the difficulty of carrying out marketing actions aimed at other businesses due to the complexity of the targets, product and market. The main challenges are: generating leads, improve their brand image, engage and retain customers and partner businesses. As a result, there are marketing games aimed exclusively at professionals and also games for mobiles and tablets reserved for trade shows.

It is also worth noting that, although gamification is an excellent marketing tool, as with all techniques, you have to plan in a way that is adapted to your company’s specific needs. In addition, it is essential that you ensure the gamification elements that you use are suitable to achieve your targets and commercial objectives. Its progression and use must also be followed closely to make sure that your marketing game is working as well as possible.

Can gamification and marketing games really work for B2B marketing specialists?

Can gamification and marketing games really work for B2B marketing specialists?

Absolutely. However, it is vital to think of the games as both content and publicity at the same time. In fact, gamification generates stronger engagement than other forms of digital publicity. Furthermore, it is best not to think of marketing games as stand-alone media, but more as a complementary addition to your other marketing efforts. That said, fun games and devices are an excellent way to highlight your product and your value-added whilst also making yourself really stand out from your competitors.

Here are 3 ways that gamification can be beneficial to your B2B business:

Attract new prospective clients and partner businesses

Are you meeting a new potential client or partner? Using elements of gamification in your presentation could pique their interest and keep them engaged the whole way through.

Gamification is a question of engagement and involvement and, generally, it encompasses an element of entertainment or a reward system that leaves participants feeling satisfied and wanting to participate all over again. It is therefore an excellent way to attract new customers!

You can also attract new partners with an online personality test that will reveal one of the partner’s particular character traits. This helps you better define and understand your B2B clients. So, thanks to the results obtained through the personality test, you will know how to capture the interest of new prospective customers so that they wish to work with you on projects.

Modernisation tool

The growth of gamification is accelerating as games migrate to the web, social media and smartphones. Gamification is therefore an excellent tool to keep your business up to date with trends thanks to engagement with your partner businesses.

We have seen many businesses that have accelerated their digital transformation to be more in touch with their B2B clients but also not lose market shares. For digital transformation, gamification is a more subtle way to make changes based on your capacity and resources and to ensure that your B2B business or agency stays up to date for all audiences.

Boost engagement and retention

Gamification is a simple and effective tool for sharing and publicity. It can be very beneficial to promote your profiles, social media accounts and campaigns. The scientific aspect of gamification encourages customers to come back to re-engage, which can prove useful for engaging and retaining your partner businesses.

Expert advice!

There are all kinds of ways to use gamification in B2B to generate engagement with your partners:

  • Interactive webinars — Creating and adding marketing games to your webinar can help it become more attractive and captivating. For example, this can be done with polls, direct votes or a Dynamic PathTM which follows the progression of your presentation with interactive content.
  • Interactive quizzes to share your different messages to your partners — The ideal tool to get reactions, specific information and above all engagement quickly!
  • Competitions, such as Instant Winner Games — Excellent for engaging and maintaining the loyalty of your existing partners, by attracting new ones and building the reputation of your business. To draw in the general public, opt for 100% winner games, to begin with. Competitions are notably extremely popular on social media, so don’t hesitate to share them!
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative with gamification because, after all, that is what makes many of your competition and marketing game campaigns successful. In fact, gamification is an excellent marketing tool which is constantly evolving. So, if you want to perform better than ever before, try gamification! It is not just a simple game, but actually a tool that can be a complete game-changer.

There are many ways to set up gamification to engage your B2B clients and Drimify can handle it all for you, creating made-to-measure experiences and personalised interactive marketing games!



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