Why gamification is going to boost your internal communication

Effective internal communication is a key component in the success of a business. In fact, poor communication is often mentioned as the main cause when the implementation of a project fails or for an unpleasant work environment. Gamification is a tried and tested tool for internal communication to send information, promote employee involvement and even develop cohesion within the business.

Every business can motivate and engage its different departments in various forms through play. The use of gamification and its introduction to a structure will be done depending on the situations encountered, goals set and individual concerns. Internally, it will mainly serve to increase employee engagement or their level of satisfaction for improved productivity or even to make training more fun and strengthen their sense of belonging in the company.

Consolidate the relationship between employees and the business

Play is one of the most effective ways to successfully inspire employees about your employer branding such as projects, your values and your business strategy. Games in the workplace are a sign of a relaxed and modern business culture which allows employees to work hard and have fun, too. A careful design, both in the graphic aspects of games and the storyline, as well as integration into existing work processes, is very important to keep everyone happy.

Games also offer the advantage of promoting the acquisition and retention of skills. If a candidate you wish to hire has to choose between your company and another company, the unique factor that games offer can become the differentiating factor which encourages them to choose your business and stay there. A multi-step games programme is ideal for new recruits but also an excellent way to refresh your employees’ memory on your business’ identity.

Expert advice!

  • Create a discovery journey with a Drimify Dynamic Path™ to roll out during onboarding to outline the company’s values, strategy, goals and best practices.

Revive group cohesion through play

Revive group cohesion through play

After engagement comes collaboration. Set up an interdepartmental or organisation-wide game encourages employees to discover the marketing, customer services department etc. in your business and get to know their colleagues. They can also work together through different mini-games, fuelling their desire for competition as well as cooperation between participants. Conveying these social mechanisms in a meeting or workgroup allows you to create collaborative attitudes and to create collective excitement.

Play is one of the best ways to encourage strong social links and unite colleagues as a team. The relationships that co-workers form can help the business to get the best results thanks to teamwork and better communication in a fun way. Playing together gives staff a chance to get together over activities and promotes a sense of belonging to a community. Bonding with their colleagues allows your teams to work as a single unit with fewer discrepancies, which leads to an overall much more productive workplace.

Consistent use of play in the workplace is an excellent way to ensure that your office is as efficient as possible because it allows members of your teams to build stronger relationships and a sense of camaraderie with each other.

Expert advice!

  • Creating in-house challenges based on a personalised Drimify game allows you to highlight a theme that is important to the business, spread a message and create engagement at the same time. And offer prizes based on a leaderboard.

Raise awareness, educate and train your staff in a fun way

Yes, encouraging employee engagement is important, but that’s not all. Gamification is also an excellent way to make all employees aware of the business’ current and future policies. Some employees or new recruits sometimes lack knowledge of the policies, services or products. Putting different games programmes in place as part of your internal communication to share important information compensates for employees’ lack of information on certain aspects of their own company.

Gamification is also an excellent way to train new employees who join the business or teach existing employees new skills necessary to succeed in the workplace. You can then use the data collected thanks to the game to evaluate your employees’ knowledge and skills and identify possible areas to improve for further development.

Expert advice!

  • Create an interactive quiz to share on your company’s intranet to highlight a protocol to follow or a guide to help with certain tasks. Information retention will be more effective!

Drimify has more than 10 years experience and expertise in the creation of games and fun experiences. Contact us to talk about your project with our team, who will help you with your gamified internal communication project from planning to implementation.

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