You don’t know what to do for your Christmas campaign? Be inspired by our business Christmas game ideas!

In professional life, just like in private life, people who completely evade the Christmas festivities are rare. It’s one of the most highly anticipated events of the year, and not just by children!

Christmas is such a significant celebration that even businesses make the most of it by rewarding their employees for their contribution to the development of the company. The main goal of Christmas is to have fun and build bonds.

Here is a selection of game and entertainment concepts that you can use in your business for employees at Christmastime.

  1. Advent calendars
  • Mixed
  • Entirely instant-winner gamest
  • Entirely questionnaires

2. Wheel of Christmas Fortune

3. Santa Claus Jackpot

4. Christmas memory game

5. Festive skill games

6. Elf survey: your dream gift!

Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

This is by far the most popular style of game during the Christmas period because an Advent Calendar lets you create engagement with employees throughout the month of December!

Create engagement and loyalty within your team by creating a lasting, memorable experience with the help of the following elements:

Each step of the calendar can offer points to players who rank on a scoreboard, which then allows you to hold a prize draw at the end to reward the top players and most hard-working members of the team.

The Advent Calendar is also a chance for daily internal communication, both through the intranet and the company newsletter. In addition, this type of game can be created on a secondary mini-site or the company intranet, or even as a mobile application. This allows you to offer a more immersive and personalised user experience. In short, it can be implemented on any media source at your disposal!

The Drimify catalogue gives you the option to combine different game mechanics to create an optimal, totally personalised, experience, with something new every day to add variety across your campaign.

A quiz on the 1st December, a memory game on the 22nd, then a Scratch Card game on the 3rd, etc. Create any combination of games you’d like! The goal is to create as many games as there are days left until Christmas.

You can also alternate days with games and multimedia content (videos, images, text) using the “pop-up” option. Here, the goal is to create as many games and “pop-up” content as there are days left.

This variety, therefore, lets you create a completely unique experience that you can adapt, modify or tailor to your liking each year to reinvigorate your employees.

Advent Calendars consisting of instant winner games

Instant Winner games offer a very short and repetitive daily experience, with the goal of increasing employee engagement at work for their various tasks.

The mechanics are simple to use and very well known, so the whole set-up and implementation process will be very smooth.

The idea is to create an initial game as a model, then replicate it each day with slightly personalised content to create variety from one day to the next.

Using questionnaires in your advent calendars allows you to raise awareness and educate your employees and teams through the content that you offer.

Each quiz or personality test will also give you the opportunity to add intermediate content between the different questions to give more information and context to employees on the various topics covered.

The goal is to repeat the same game every day until Christmas, with a personality test each day, for example, which will reveal a particular character trait of each employee and help you better get to know and understand their needs and aspirations. Or even an interactive quiz which lets you test your teams’ knowledge and is a way to create engagement throughout the business.

At the end of the activity, you will have considerably reinforced your employees’ knowledge of your products, services or even brand, and you will be able to reward participants based on the scoreboard by holding a prize draw for those with the highest scores throughout the activity. Remember that each step can have points up for grabs, which is an excellent way to create some competitive spirit between participants!

Wheel of Christmas Fortune

Wheel of Christmas Fortune

Make the most of the wheel of fortune concept to offer gifts over a number of weeks with new prizes and different rewards at stake. The wheel of fortune is a very popular competition mechanism which helps motivate employees in their daily work but also to nicely round off team building, a workshop or training!

If you can do that, you can also offer a 100% winner game, which will use this mechanism as a reward system. To make your 100% winner game profitable, you can ask employees to complete a task during the game experience, such as collecting opinions, leaving a rating on the app store, creating an account on a website or even making a purchase on an online store.

Santa Claus Jackpot

Santa Claus Jackpot

This competition adopts the same principle as the wheel of fortune, with Santa Claus who offers different types of gifts. Users can take part in the Christmas jackpot and try to win a prize. You can recreate the game with new prizes each week to keep your teams interested!

The different elements involved in the jackpot are entirely customisable, which lets you highlight your products, business or even iconic features or services that you offer for a totally personalised brand experience.

You can also ask participants to complete an action before having access to the game experience. This lets you offer a VIP experience to not only your clients but also your employees to reward work done throughout the year and therefore generate employee retention. The idea is to set up a memorable competition while maintaining the warm, festive and joyous spirit of Christmas celebrations.

Christmas memory game

In this game, you must find the matching pairs of cards and that allows you to create a focus on the visuals of different products, services or features of your business, website or app, for example. The principle of the game is simple: when a pair is identified, additional content appears on-screen so you can inform and educate employees.

Memory games are based on a points system and therefore allow you to set up a leaderboard with a points challenge to reward the best players. Each week, you can hold a prize draw among the top-scoring players to reward employees with brand-related gifts.

This way, you contribute to regularly relaunching internal communication about your company culture and values with a memorable experience that is always very much appreciated during the end-of-year festivities.

Festive skill games

A skill game is another great tool to capture your employees’ attention during an end-of-year party or team building session by offering them challenges to win points that will be added up and revealed on a leaderboard at the end of the event.

In the workplace you can also come up with numerous progressive game mechanisms with a different game each day or each week, for example, helping add variety to the entertainment and keep the experience exciting. That will allow you to capture your employees’ attention with each new game and entertainment concept! You can choose from Drimify’s extensive catalogue of games which includes mini-games, arcade-style games etc.

Elf survey: Your dream gift!

Elf survey: Your dream gift!

You can come up with all kinds of original concepts, for example, with a survey featuring Santa’s elves coming to meet you to ask for your dream gift list. Present your entire catalogue, which can range from a basic product to most expensive bestsellers, whatever you want to put in the spotlight.

That means you can also carry out a market study on what your audience, clients and employees are interested in from your catalogue and brand simultaneously. Asking participants different questions will allow you to better understand the Christmas shopping trends for your services or products, so you can create an adapted strategy the following year.

To reward them for their participation, you can hold a prize draw with all participants and give them a chance to win gifts, particularly with one grand prize if possible. Remember that it’s often the grand prize that creates traction and will help you optimise the rate of participation for your campaign!

Create your Christmas marketing game right now!

Do you already have a preference or an idea that you would like to use as a game series? Create your end-of-year and Christmas marketing campaign hassle-free with Drimify.

And if you would like, we can also offer you support ranging from overall strategy to setting up the system and also creating graphics for the whole campaign.

Drimify’s gamification experts are at your service to advise you and answer any questions you may have. Go ahead and contact our team if you need advice, innovative ideas or a fun and unique gaming experience to engage your business in the run-up to Christmas and give your employees a touch of Christmas magic!



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